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Website Design & Hosting Platform

We copy your website into our new system, and set it all up for you, and then with your help fine tune it. Chosing the best design to suit your needs.

Then you have at your fingertips a great page design tool which allows you to drag and drop many different options, and then easily click to replace images or text from url, your hard drive our the image bank.

Build beautiful pages in literaly seconds, fine tune images, add video.

Plus your new website is fully responsive to tablet or mobile devices, which is important considering that over 50% of website visits are from mobile devices.

Full Property Management System

This is a smart and user freindly system for managing your room inventory, it comes with channel management to Expedia, Agoda, and AirBnB to name a few.

Key features are:

  • Calender view booking page for your website, stop missing bookings because your current system only shows continuous room inventory available for the full guest stay.
  • Drag and drop bookings from room to room, extend or shorten a booking by just draging the end of it one way or another.
  • Agents booking page so agents can log in, see live inventory and book it themselves.
  • Create selling groups and set their access to inventory, and sell rates great specifically the OTA's.
  • Set Dynamic Rates (that change up or down, based on what inventory you have left and the date being booked), or add Last Minute and Early Bird Rates
  • Virtual Rooms create different room types from several room types e.g. combine two rooms normally sold as singles and market a virtual two bedroom villa.
  • Set auto emails to remind customers its time to pay their final balance, or send a prearrival email, send a post check out thank you, asking for a review or offer incentives to return.

Sales Module

All the leads from the fill out forms on your deals page arrive here. Have "ready to send" templates for quotes. Pull specific customer data from the leads, and auto populate the templates to speed up the quoteing process.

Your staff can also make notes about the booking leads which are not public, so they can work as a team on your reservation requests and alert each other to get timley responses.

If you also are using our Property Management System then you will be able to use the Auto Quote tool which will allow your staff to build quotes from live inventory, and live rates, apply discount codes for any published or unpublished deals, and create rich html quotes to send to your customers reducing manual quoting errors, and also speeding up the quoting process.

Online Booking Page

The HotelsCentric booking page gives your customers a great calendar view to choose rooms from. This is an amazing tool to ensure that your customers get an 'as-is' picture of your room inventory and they can book multiple rooms for their stay

The booking page also allows you to set stay rules such as minimum number of nights, fixed check-in and check-out dates etc. You could also choose to show the prices with or without taxes and have the taxes finally added on the cart check-out page.

You also have the option to define promotional offers and credits. The customers can select one or more deals against their booking and these will land directly in your PMS.

You are also provided with options to add extras such as transfers, meal plans, upgrades etc., which the customers could add to cart while booking accommodation. Soon, you will also have the option to provide flight bookings to your customers.

VPay - Ready Payment Gateway & Terminal

Our VPay module works as a ready payment gateway for your property so that you don't have to go through the hassles of acquiring a payment gateway solution. All you have to do is set up your bank account and you could go live with your booking page and have your payments settled on a daily basis.

The VPay module also doubles up as a Virtual Terminal to collect payments from customers during their stay or check-out. It also comes with a state-of-the-art, sleep card-reader that allows you to swipe cards for payments*. All payments collected through the VPay virtual terminal and the card-reader land directly in your PMS against bookings.

*Available from September 2018

Auto Quote

The 'Auto Quote' tool of HotelsCentric saves time and enahnces your staff productivity by automatically creating quotes for enquiries received through the fill-up forms on the website.

With the click of a button, you could add extras to the quote and send an email with multiple options for your customers. It also includes a link against each option, through which the customer can make payment and complete the booking.

All bookings and quotations thus created are saved in your PMS.

Shared Email Platform

This feature is a great for productivity. Here you have a shared inbox that all your team can work in for emails arriving to the address/es you have for customers to contact you. Staff can work jointly on emails, leave notes for each other that send alerts to team mates, or assign emails to specific staff.

You can setup work flows that based on specific rules decide what to do with incoming email in terms of where it goes, and who its assigned to. You can also have shared "ready to send" email templates that staff can quickly load, and then add relevant customer info and send, with or without attachments.

You can set reminders to follow up with customers on emails sent. So many more features than can be mentioned here.

Live Chat

These days customers want an immediate response, or want to ask questions without making a phone call.

With this tool they can speak live to one of your staff. Your staff can take chats on their mobile devices. The dashboard also provides live statistics about who is on your website, it provides daily visitor history. Set triggers based on customer behaviour on your site to make offers or see if they need help. You can also pass to visitors, documents and images via the app.

If they provide contact details, and you miss their live chat you can still follow up later with an email. You can set the hours you offer this service, there are many other great features to help you win the booking, and help your customers.

Mass Mail Marketing

This module allows you to schedule and send great html mailers.

You can design great mailers using the same drag and drop tool as the website builder, and access all the same images already in your website, on your hard drive or from a specific url (web address).

Import customer mailing lists, or use the list created by the forms filled in on your deals page, and the news letter widget in the footer of your website pages.

Track the email delivery, opening, and if they click on any links or offers you make in the email.

Moderated Google - Yelp - Facebook Reviews

A live review feed from Yelp, Google and Facebook, also collect reviews on your own website. All these reviews can be moderated to exclude unwanted reviews.

The reviews feed is provided as a widget that can be added to any page with a single click, as well as a reviews specific page on the main menu.

Real customer reviews on your website from 3rd party providers. Stop your customer leaving your website to visit other review and social sites, where they may not return, and could book with another property. They also provide credibility while also allowing you to moderate.

Social Media Feeds

A live feed from your Instagram and Facebook pages, offering more organic content, also giving prospective customers more positive feed back to help them make that booking decision.

Add an image gallery created from your live Facebook page, again adding to your credability, and more 3rd party feedback on your property.

Both of these feeds can also be moderate to remove any unwanted content. Also add a live feed from your Facebook page to any page with a single click.

Upcoming Features

We are working on some great features that will help you manage your property better. Here is a partiallist of our upcoming modules.

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) system fully integrated with VPay to help you manage your restaurant and other billing
  • Loyalty App: A full fledged loyalty app which will allow you to redeemable loyalty points to your customers, thus helping you in customer rentention
  • Mobile App: a comprehensive mobile app for your property, which will enhance the overall customer experience by allowing them book rooms, tables at your restaurants, order food online and avail room service and more

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